Power of Prayer

God’s help through the power of prayer is available for all kinds of requests and issues. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
If you have a prayer request submit it below.  We’d also like to invite you to pray for others needs at the bottom of this web page.

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
To be restored/financial get better0August 15, 2017Details
Need!0August 10, 2017Details
Purple0August 10, 2017Details
Need prayer0August 10, 2017Details
Walk0August 10, 2017Details
Prayers for healing0August 10, 2017Details
Untitled0August 9, 2017Details
My sister in laws pregnancy0August 9, 2017Details
Baby's health0August 7, 2017Details
Kathy Bunch0August 6, 2017Details
Help0August 1, 2017Details
Untitled0August 1, 2017Details
Healing1August 1, 2017Details
financially independent1August 1, 2017Details
Prayers for sister0July 31, 2017Details
Sickness2July 28, 2017Details
Untitled2July 24, 2017Details
All of me4July 24, 2017Details
Please keep my kids father in your prayer's2July 19, 2017Details
financially stable3July 18, 2017Details
Life0July 13, 2017Details
Untitled1July 6, 2017Details
Untitled4June 26, 2017Details
Untitled4June 26, 2017Details
Larry3June 23, 2017Details
Scott Moore8June 13, 2017Details
Surgery5June 11, 2017Details
Health8June 6, 2017Details
Medical Needs5June 6, 2017Details
Home & Heart3June 6, 2017Details
Finances and life direction2June 6, 2017Details
Little One14June 5, 2017Details
MY career5June 2, 2017Details
Pregnancy bed rest7June 1, 2017Details
Car issues6May 26, 2017Details
Home13May 17, 2017Details

To be restored/financial get better

My daughter get save and for finances and that i grow stronger in faith


Mary jo Jaffe
I need a new job.


The artist formerly as PRINCE
Pray that I remain the purple one forever

Need prayer

Donald Shott


Michael Jacksonv
Pray that I can still moonwalk.

Prayers for healing

Valerie Leister
Please pray for my sister in law Jean, she has a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She is having a radical mastectomy at 11Am today.


Prayers for my son's for deliverance from pills addiction.

My sister in laws pregnancy

Eliana Garza
My sister in law has complications with her pregnancy and pain. Doctor recommended bed rest until the baby is born in December. Please pray for healthy pregnancy and baby.

Baby's health

Harold Mezo
Asking for prayer for a coworker. His daughter is expecting their first child in 2trimaster Husband deployed and things are not looking good for the baby. Pray for peace for all and God to do what is best

Kathy Bunch

Donald Shott
Pray for Kathy Bunch, she is having back surgery tomorrow 7:30 @ St. Vincent's Riverside. She is having fusion.


Unspoken prayer request need lots of prayers please


Unspoken prayer request need lots of prayers please


Dalma Brown
Please pray for my friend in the hospital with a lung infection. Please pray for healing for her please. Her name is Rachel. Thank you

financially independent

Linda Castaneda
Need prayers for a job, and a reliable car to get there.

Prayers for sister

Kitty Penaranda
My sister had surgery almost 2 months ago and has been hospitalized twice since then and the Drs are still unable to determine why she is still bleeding internally and where. She has been unable to work nor fully care for herself. Please pray the Drs figure it out soon.


Fighting colitis, was in hospital, prayer for healing.


Jennifer Alleman
Healing, depression, anger, on the edge of homelessness. Need more than low income parttime job. Healing and restoration in the Lord.

All of me

Lawrence Whitecotten
Pray for me and my relationship,my job,my family ,my fiancé ,and to give me strength to fight these demons and stress .

Please keep my kids father in your prayer's

Sandy Neuhaus
My kids father is hospitalized with cancer he just removed the tumor but the recovery been very rough and slowly ,so please keep Shane Neuhaus in your prayers

financially stable

Linda Castaneda
Employment ,medical,car/transportation.


Amber Mire
My family and I ( my mother, brother, husband daughter and myself) moved to Florida in February of 2016 due to basically starting a new life after a very troublesome incident (still ongoing). Since we have moved my mother has remarried and has a great life - my brother, husband daughter and myself live together. Finding employment has been a tremendous struggle for us all. I had spinal surgery in March of 2016 and I still suffer with pain and doctors do not believe my fusion is taking (may need an additional surgery) my Husband has a blood clot in his arm and we are trying to get that better. I just feel so overwhelmed. We do not have any steady income coming in and numerous health issues going on. I'm only 26- I have my entire life ahead of me. I just simply ask to please pray for all of us for employment, better health, and for things to start looking up! Every step forward has 10 steps back. I just don't know what to do anymore other than keep Faith!


Ana Lopez
I need all my prayer warriors to keep my son in their prayers. He is a single father of four and just moved here to give them a better life. Let's pray he finds a job so he may get a place for his family. In the name of Jesus these things shall come. Thank you and many blessings.


Codie Transue
job, relationships


Jessie Parker
a miracle with my housing situation. Joy for my family and friends and that God would fill any void.


Larry Whitecotten
For me I am fighting demons pray for strength to fight them off .

Scott Moore

Please pray for my friend, Scott Moore. He was recently involved in a severe skateboarding accident. He is literally fighting for his life and needs all the prayers he can get. Thank you!


Robert Martin
I am going to my new doctor to see if they can fix my foot that has been in pain since I was 7 years old and since having my surgery in November at the naval hospital I have been in unbearable pain at times I want to pray for dr Carrasquillo at Jacksonville orthopedic institute to be able to find a way so I can enjoy life this has been affecting my job I may be getting discharged from the navy because of my inability to walk run and do my job I want my foot to get better so I can spend time with my family


I'm going to have a biopsy on a growth I've had on my chin, I can't help to worry that it could be something serious, please pray for me

Medical Needs

1. Husband, Donn for renewed strength after heart surgery; 2.Son, Eric in ER for possible mini stroke. 3. Future grandson-in-law's father to have heart surgery tomorrow...possibly open heart.

Home & Heart

My family's home is in danger of foreclosure and my mother and I are having a hard time trying to find somewhere to go. Also, please pray for my boyfriend and I. We both are trying to grow in our faith. We're all saved, but have backslidden and want to get back to where we need to be together. Please pray. ❤️

Finances and life direction

Since 2016 been in process of SS disability settlement. Would like to see it come to fruition soon, and have direction in financial issues along with direction in choosing a rental home! Blessings, Thank You.

Little One

Have been trying for a baby for a while now. Praying for a little miracle.

MY career

Parris Parker
I have always lived my life to please others, whether its my career, or my life choices. I feel strongly that it's time to please God with my life and my faith. I have applied for a part time job and I am going to focus on my dream of building my own business. I just ask for prayer for favor and protection over my life and my business. For God to direct my steps and bless my path.

Pregnancy bed rest

Deena Pond
I'm stuck at home on bed rest for my high risk pregnancy. Please pray for my baby's health and my wellness during this time. My migraines have returned and the nausea makes me feel like death. Please pray for us.

Car issues

I have problems with people dealing with my car took it to all starz the first time they did not solve the problems the owner wasn't very pleasant with me now I have to bring it back there again for the second time . Please help me pray that they will fix it the right way this time Amen


Keep our growing family in prayers as we are in the process of purchasing our first home. There has been some set backs but we are praying everything goes well.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.